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    Christmas or not sometimes it is just too hot to be in the kitchen! These are a great set of BBQ recipes ideas that would make a great Christmas lunch or dinner.

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    13 reviews

    After trying barbecue cooked turkey you'll never go back to using an oven again. This recipe makes a fantastically moist and flavourful bird.

    Recipe by: Dave Hartmann

    29 reviews

    Barbecued king prawns are so delicious their flavours should be allowed to shine. This is a very simple basting sauce to bring out their best.

    Recipe by: NESSY

    608 reviews

    This is a very simple recipe to prepare despite the long list of ingredients - you can even make the salsa a day ahead. For a real treat substitute strawberries for mango!

    Recipe by: WITZKEN

    7 reviews

    A whole chicken that is stuffed with fresh herbs then barbecued over hot coals and moist wood chips, to reach a smoky flavour.

    Recipe by: CAJUN MOMMA

    18 reviews

    My family loves this dish - chicken breasts marinated in lime juice, orange juice, lemon juice, mint and honey. Allow time to marinate overnight.

    Recipe by: CLHARTMAN

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      Barbecued Brown Sugar and Soy Salmon
    • videoTitle
      Barbecued Prawn Scampi

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