Crab Salad (22)

    Crab is a popular ingredient in salads and there are many recipe variations to choose from including ones combined with avocado, pasta, tomato and citrus.

    Top Crab Salad Recipes

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    This pasta salad is a little bit different and very good. Crab, celery and peas make an addictive combination!

    Recipe by: flwrpwr60

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    This beautifully rich combination of flavours uses tinned crab for ease and economy. It's a pretty stylish lunch, too!

    Recipe by: Zoƫ Harpham

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    This is a quick and easy salad recipe. The combination of black-eyed peas and pasta make it very filling and tasty.


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    This salad is very colourful and tasty. Pasta shells and imitation crab meat are dotted with a delicious blend of herbs, green capsicum, olives, radishes, tomato and celery. You can use real crab meat if you prefer.

    Recipe by: JOYCIE

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    Fresh crab has a rich flavour that works well with the taste of pawpaw. Select whole pawpaw with a fragrant aroma.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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