Vanilla Cake

    Sometimes you just want a plain simple cake and that is when a recipe for vanilla cake comes in handy. Perfect for a birthday cake or an easy afternoon tea.

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    nice cupcakes great for parties

    Recipe by: wjisitt

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    Vanilla fairy cakes or cupcakes are an easy and simple treat for kids, these ones are so easy they could help you cook and decorate them.

    Recipe by: Undead

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    These are light and airy cup cakes, they taste best the day they are made of course, but they do freeze very well without drying out. Passionfruit butter icing is my favourite. Use 2 passionfriut and halve the milk.

    Recipe by: silkdiver

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    Made in a bread tin this banana cake can be cut into slices and buttered for an after school treat. Also a good way to use the left over bruised bananas from the school lunch box.

    Recipe by: xuthus1972

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    This is a very different way to make a cake using 8 eggs and icing sugar as main ingredients. Perfect for birthday cakes.

    Recipe by: Maggie3105

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    A good versatile sponge cake recipe is essential to any baker's repertoire. It can be as simple or fancy as you like.

    Recipe by: VAL_51

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    These easy cupcakes are the perfect flavour for any of your favourite icings, so have fun. The secret to keeping them moist is the addition of an extra egg yolk.

    Recipe by: Cupcake Princess

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    This is a lovely, decadent banana cake with vanilla cream cheese icing. It is perfect for an afternoon tea with friends.

    Recipe by: Cindy Carnes

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    This is a vanilla cake that despite the sweetness remains a dense, moist cake. In fact, you might find it does not need any icing at all.

    Recipe by: obsessive compulsive bakr

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    This is a sweet and creamy cheesecake with the added tang of lemon zest and a sour cream topping. It is luscious.

    Recipe by: WHATCITY

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