Apricot Pie

    When apricots are in season there is nothing like a freshly baked apricot pie or apricot tart served with fresh cream or ice cream.

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    Apricots join a ricotta based almond cream in this easy tart that also includes ingredients like rum and honey to create a family favourite.

    Recipe by: Valeriel

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    The crumble mixture for this recipe creates a base as well as the top. I prefer to use fresh apricots but when out of season I am known to use tinned apricots.

    Recipe by: Veronica Meredith

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    This is so easy to make with a pie shell filled with fresh apricots sprinkelled with brown sugar and then left to cook in the oven before getting a sprinkled of slivered almonds just before it is finished.

    Recipe by: sirty

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    This is a wonderfully sweet apricot tart that uses a lot of fresh apricots making it a perfect for recipe for when the tree is in full fruit.

    Recipe by: Claudia_Meilinger

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    When apricots are in season I love to make this pie that uses almond meal in the custard filling to give is a slight nutty taste.

    Recipe by: Valerie

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    The rustic nature of the gelette really appeals to me, I love this apricot version but you can use what ever fruit you have available.

    Recipe by: Ms. Munchie

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    Make the most of apricots when they're in season by using them in this attractive tart. It has a sweet orange shortcrust base and is topped with a crumbly oat and nut mixture. Serve slightly warm for dessert, or with morning coffee or afternoon tea.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis and Joachim Wahnschaffe

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    A beautiful summer pie made with fresh fruit. This was my first effort at baking, and my flatmates were more than impressed with it. This pie is delicious by itself or serve it with fresh cream or vanilla ice cream.

    Recipe by: vanillagorilla

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