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    Try some of these healthy Asian salad and Asian salad dressing recipes for an amazing burst of flavour and texture.

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    This is a simple Asian style warm noodle salad with shiitake mushrooms, capsicum and a rice vinegar dressing. Delicious as a simple side dish.

    Recipe by: Christine L.

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    Dry ramen noodles, blanched slivered almonds and Chinese cabbage combine with a vinegar dressing in this tasty salad.

    Recipe by: Juanita Peek

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    An Asian salad which is a meal on its own - crisp vegetables topped with egg noodles, sprouts and strips and savoury omelette.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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    Garlic and chilli sauce add a spicy kick to a this easy cucumber salad with peanuts and spring onions.

    Recipe by: tammyn316

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    Served here on soba noodles, this vegan asparagus salad is bursting with Asian flavours, proteins and iron. Asparagus and peanuts are an unusual combination yet they work together perfectly.

    Recipe by: TheFlexitarian

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    This is a very spicy chilli crab salad with fresh onion, garlic, ginger and flavourings. It's intense so serve it with rice and other side dishes.

    Recipe by: 景淑

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    This spicy tofu salad bowl recipe involves layering rice, lettuce, cucumber and tofu in a bowl and topping it with a spicy sauce for a tasty Asian-inspired meal.

    Recipe by: tamzie

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    This is similar to Coronation chicken but lighter and with Southeast Asian flavours like Thai curry and juice mango.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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    A filling salad with an Asian touch. A salad of red cabbage, carrot, celery and cashews is topped with grilled chicken.

    Recipe by: adiluca

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    A family favourite - pork fillets rubbed with a tangy tamarind and coriander paste. then fried and served with salad. An easy and healthy summer dinner.

    Recipe by: StRaNgEdAyS

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