Marinated Chicken (31)

    Nothing adds flavour to chicken like a good marinade. Recipes with a chicken marinade include tandoori, Asian, Cuban and jerk chicken.

    Top Marinated Chicken Recipes

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    This is a recipe I made up after eating heaps of bland chicken breasts. Chicken is so easy to prepare and this recipe makes the meat extra tender and juicy. You can marinate overnight if you want-I’ve included 1 hour marinating time in the preparation time.

    Recipe by: R.Upchurch

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    Chicken breasts are marinated in a Thai mix of herbs - chilli, spring onions, lime, coriander, fish sauce and lemongrass - and then baked. Amazing!

    Recipe by: Shabern T.

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    Citrus and rosemary help tenderise the chicken and keep it full of flavour. You can also cook this on the barbecue if you prefer.

    Recipe by: DEERPANT

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    This is a wonderful way to prepare your roast chook using fresh herbs - just plan a day ahead so it has time to marinate. An easy entertaining meal that will please your guests!

    Recipe by: Beverly Auguadro

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    Salsa made from mango and pineapple is used both as a marinade and as a sauce in this delicious and spicy chicken dish.

    Recipe by: Terry Coonan

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