Greek Cakes

    Greek cuisine has a lovely repertoire of traditional cakes using the honey and spices of the islands. Let's not forget baklava!

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    A Greek favourite that makes everyone think you are a master chef, yet it is sooo easy to make!! I taught a Greek friend how to make sticky toffee pudding, and she taught me this fabulous recipe.

    Recipe by: SpicyChick

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    Orange flower water provides the beautiful orange taste in this traditional Greek cake called Revani. Don't skip the syrup cos that is what really makes the cake but you can reduce the sugar in the cake by up to 1/4 cup (60g) if you want a less sweeter cake.

    Recipe by: Diana

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    This is a Greek style lemon and honey syrup which is usually poured over cakes or baklava. You can also use it as is over pancakes or waffles.

    Recipe by: Denise

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    A lovely Greek style cake flavoured with chopped walnuts, cinnamon and orange zest and drizzled with honey syrup.

    Recipe by: Jan

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    A sponge like cake with an olive oil base that is great with tea or coffee. I use Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the Greek oil is always the darkest and most flavoursome. If you want to get with the Greek theme, finely chop some rosemary mix it with caster sugar and sprinkle over the cake before putting into oven. For a sponge it keeps pretty well in an air tight container.

    Recipe by: Studebaker

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    To make this classic Greek citrus cake, filo pastry is shredded and mixed with an orange filling then baked.

    Recipe by: Diana

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    This is a traditional Greek cake called karithopita where a honey lemon syrup is poured over the lightly spiced walnut cake to create a moist and delicious treat with a minimum of fuss.

    Recipe by: JEDICYNSTER

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    A version of the classic Greek pastry with a filling of dried mango, dates and pistachio nuts. A beautiful sweet dessert.

    Recipe by: Ariana Klepac

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    This is a Greek cheesecake-like tart prepared with honey and unsalted mizithra or ricotta cheese. These are usually prepared during the Easter festivities in the Cycladic islands, especially in Sifnos and Ios.

    Recipe by: Alexandra S.

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    Traditional Greek New Year's Day breakfast food. Each person in the family gets a slice starting with the youngest. The person who gets the coin in their piece, gets good luck for the whole year

    Recipe by: Paul Menikos

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