Tandoori Chicken (29)

    The popular Indian restaurant dish tandoori chicken is easy to make at home with recipes for the barbecue, oven and grill.

    Top Tandoori Chicken Recipes

    4 reviews

    A favourite from my local Indian restaurant with this recipe I can now make my own at home. Serve with rice or salad.

    Recipe by: bigp

    5 reviews

    I went to a local pub and they had this meal on the menu so thought I would give it a go myself. Its pretty close. I am happy with it.

    Recipe by: Kabee

    38 reviews

    This is my adaptation of tandoori chicken. The yoghurt and overnight marination makes the chicken delicious and tender.

    Recipe by: DIGGETYDOG

    108 reviews

    This tandoori style chicken recipe is super easy because you don't need to marinate the chicken any real length of time.

    Recipe by: DAKOTAGIRL

    235 reviews

    This is a recipe for Tandoori chicken with a twist - it's cooked on the barbecue. Marinate for at least 6 hours or overnight if you can.

    Recipe by: Simmi Gupta

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