Smoked Sausage

Smoked sausage is a great ingredient for dinner and lunch that add complex flavours to a variety of recipes such as soup, pasta and quiche.

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A full flavoured vegetarian soup that uses smoked sausages, cabbage, tomatoes and lentils along with seasoning from thyme and cayenne pepper.


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The combination of fresh mussels with slightly smoky pepperoni is fantastic! This soup is a must for any seafood lover.

Recipe by: GracaRibeiro

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Kielbasa, a Polish sausage, is simmered with sliced red cabbage in a sauce of red wine, brown sugar and lemon. This dish is a deep purple and looks as good as it tastes.

Recipe by: Irene

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This smoked sausage pasta in a tomato sauce is very easy to make and cheap too with the whole family able to enjoy it.

Recipe by: Keri

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Chicken is combined with smoked sausage in this zingy lasagne that also contains Cajun seasoning, celery, capsicum and Alfredo sauce.


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Smoked sausage is the main flavour in this easy pasta dish that also contains a lot of cabbage. Great for a cheap weeknight dinner.

Recipe by: Sami

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Sausage quiche is lovely and also easy to make. It can be served with salad for a light lunch or with potatoes and vegetables for a filling dinner.

Recipe by: Keri

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Now this is a hearty soup! Smoked pork ribs are simmered until tender with spices and served with smoked sausage and hard boiled eggs. A real winter feast!

Recipe by: Fiola

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By adding smoked sausage to this leek and and potato soup, it becomes a rich and flavourful new soup. This recipes also uses English mustard.

Recipe by: maryanne1

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A traditional soup of Portugal, cabbage and sausage are simmered in potato stock providing a delicious and nutritious meal for cold days.

Recipe by: rbdemedeiros

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