Elderberries are a popular European fruit that are primarily made to make jams, syrups and cordials but can also be found in other recipes.

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This recipe makes a delicious cordial which is wonderful diluted and poured over ice. Citric acid powder can be found in health food stores.

Recipe by: Ollie Martin

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To make this amazing elderberry jam you will need jam sugar, sometimes called gelling sugar, which contains pectin as the elderberries do not have enough pectin naturally.

Recipe by: fleischlosglücklich

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Unlike traditional elderflower cordials this one uses oranges in addition to the lemons making a far sweeter drink.

Recipe by: julmagic

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Elderberry cordial is a delicious and refreshing treat and very high in vitamin C. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Elderberry Cordial video.

Recipe by: Magda

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Elderberries have a delightful flavour all on their own but you can also experiment with adding pears or apples or both to this jam.

Recipe by: Tina

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This is an amazing dessert that has semolina dumplings placed into a soup like elderberry syrup. It works best with freshly juiced elderberries.

Recipe by: nadia

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If you have access to an elderberry bush try making this amazing polenta cake when it is flowering. You won't believe the flavour.

Recipe by: sophia

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This jam recipe takes the exact amount of juice that is extracted from the fruit to calculate the required sugar to create this beautiful jam.

Recipe by: martin_pain

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This is a wonderful dessert with pears poached in an elderberry based syrup flavoured with wine, cinnamon and lemon.

Recipe by: FrauHolle

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Elderberries make a delightful, dark coloured liqueur which is good as an aperitif or even drizzled over ice cream or pudding. It is not to strong either.

Recipe by: gartenfee

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