Cream Pie

    There is more to a cream pie than the stereotype pie in the face routine. There are many great and rich pie recipes that are both baked and unbaked.

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    Global Cuisine

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    All the ingredients in this super simple and delicious pie are mixed together and poured into a pie tin, but when it cooks it forms its own crust with filling. This pie has a coconut vanilla taste like a coconut cream pie.

    Recipe by: Chefmum

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    If you grew up watching Gilligan's Island you know that you always wanted to taste Maryanne's coconut cream pie. With either pineapple or banana or mango, something wonderful and tropical about this pie. It is decadent and very tasty.

    Recipe by: Katch22

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    This easy pastry cream can be used in a variety of desserts such as tarts and eclairs or served like a custard.

    Recipe by: Bibus

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    The base is easy to make using hazelnuts instead of biscuits; this is then filled with a no-bake white chocolate mousse filling made with Greek yoghurt for a light and refreshing flavour; finely it is topped with cherry preserve to make a stunning torte that is deceptively simple to make.

    Recipe by: Diana

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    This is a typical cake presentation popular in Boston USA. A chocolate cake is baked then filled with a mock cream filling and covered in a chocolate glaze.

    Recipe by: JBS BOX

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    This is a creamy pie on a homemade base, the filling is a simple creamy base with a dash or two of rum.

    Recipe by: babsi_s

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    This is a wonderful cream pie using a combination of cream cheese and crème fraiche then topped with fresh strawberries.

    Recipe by: Tina

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    This is a recipe that was very popular in the 60s and 70s when evaporated milk was in everybody's cupboard. My husband loves it, and when I made it again for my children it has become one of my children's favourites. Looks nice enough to have at a birthday or dinner party.

    Recipe by: JulieKyle

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    This no-bake pie is a quick and easy dessert perfect for last-minute entertaining. Sweetened cream cheese is spread in the bottom of a ready-made pie crust. Sliced peaches are arranged on top and dolloped with raspberry jam.


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    This pie has a crust made of digestive biscuit crumbs and pecans and a cream cheese and cranberry filling. Well worth the time it takes to chill.

    Recipe by: Stacy

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