Poached Fruit (20)

    Seasonal fruit is wonderful poached in sugar or wine. Try one of the money recipes for poached pears, apricot or apples with saffron, cinnamon or even chocolate.

    Top Poached Fruit Recipes

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    Serve these golden poached fruits for dessert with custard, slices of sponge cake, or with ice cream, or enjoy them for breakfast with yoghurt.

    Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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    An easy and semi-healthy dessert. Peaches are such romantic fruits!

    Recipe by: figandcherry

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    Not all poached pears need to be done in wine; this recipe uses cranberry juice to get the wonderful red colours into this popular dessert.

    Recipe by: noodlefork

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    Cored apples dusted in cinnamon are oven poached in apple juice to create a moist baked apple. Serve with the poaching liquid.

    Recipe by: babsi_s

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    I love pears, and I love this recipe, because lighting the rum caramelises the sugar, and pulls out the flavour of the pears. I use pear halves but you can try it with whole pears too.

    Recipe by: Anna

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