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There are such a range of pepper sauce recipes to choose from whether you are looking for a bold pepper sauce for steak or a mild peppercorn sauce for fish.

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Until I found this recipe we only ever had pepper sauce on our steaks at restaurants, not anymore. Peppercorns, brandy and cream; dinner is served.

Recipe by: foodfanatic

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This is a quick red wine, mushroom and peppercorn sauce which cooks very quickly. You could use any red wine with it. It's very tasty poured over a good steak.


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Great, quick sauce for steak or chicken and simple to make. You can also make it with green peppercorns if you prefer.

Recipe by: Jason Clarke

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This is a rich white sauce based on garlic and mixed peppercorns. Great with pasta, chicken and fish.

Recipe by: Robin C

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Beef top sirloin steak is dusted in crushed peppercorns then fried, flambéed the served with a rich creamy sauce. Serve with potato and green vegetables.

Recipe by: TFRIESEN

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Delicious eye fillet steaks with a peppery bite smoothed with a velvety cream sauce. The perfect thing for a dinner party.

Recipe by: goodeets7

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The classic pepper crusted steak, served with a creamy brandy sauce. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Peppercorn Steak Video.

Recipe by: Brandon

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Pork chops are added to a rich and flavoursome black pepper sauce with capsicums and onions. Serve hot with rice.

Recipe by: tonytsang

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This is a thick and rich Chinese stew that combines pork, eggplant and tofu in a pepper sauce. Serve with rice.

Recipe by: tonytsang

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This is a beautiful meat and sauce combination. The pork is lightly seasoned then fried then served with a green peppercorn cream sauce with a touch of whisky.

Recipe by: FritzM

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