Honey Chicken

    Honey and chicken are great combination, from Asian recipes for honey chicken to English roast chickens with honey bastes and American honey chicken wings.

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    A great barbecue chicken recipe with a marinade of soy sauce, honey, ginger and garlic. You can also cook it under the griller.

    Recipe by: Janet M.

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    These sticky chicken wings are always a great hit marinated and cooked at barbies, or cooked without marinating in the oven and served with rice as a main meal.

    Recipe by: Margo

    171 reviews

    Honey mustard chicken is made even more delicious with the addition of fruity apricot jam. Serve over white rice.

    Recipe by: Carol Alter

    1 review

    Deep fried chicken on noodles with a ginger-honey-chilli sauce. I can never make enough of this recipe, it is the all time family favourite!

    Recipe by: tassiedevil

    6 reviews

    Requires preparing ahead of time, but very simple and well worth it! If you are a garlic fan, use 6-8 cloves of garlic for an extra kick!

    Recipe by: gourmet flossie

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    This is a very easy spicy chicken recipe for a mid week dinner. Serve with a salad and maybe some potatoes.

    Recipe by: Syl

    49 reviews

    This tangy, lemon, orange and honey marinade is delicious on chicken and easy to make. Makes an easy weeknight dinner.

    Recipe by: punkypower

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    A double-decker BLT sanger - that adds chicken as well as fresh lettuce, deep red tomato, and bacon to your classic BLT.

    Recipe by: Luke123

    1 review

    This super easy recipe is great for when you've just got chicken and what's in your pantry. Also works fine with wings.

    Recipe by: Emily

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    A platter of 21 chicken wings in a variety of flavours: honey soy garlic, lemon pepper, garlic and pepper, tomato and herb, and lemongrass. A party on a plate!

    Recipe by: superdupertd

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