Chocolate Zucchini Cake

The unlikely pairing of two ingredients has led to a popular recipe, chocolate zucchini cake. Zucchini keeps cakes moist and kids never even know it's in there.

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This is a sweet but not too sweet cake that is a great way to get your zucchini! Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Chocolate Zucchini Video.

Recipe by: Sandy

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If you haven't tried it you'll be amazed how well zucchini complements chocolate. It also makes the cupcakes a bit healthier!

Recipe by: jen

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A delicious chocolaty cake - with zucchini. You wouldn't even know it was in there! This cake always goes down a treat at home or at work. Nice when still a tiny bit warm from the oven, or chilled from the fridge. Quite a bit of prep, but worth it! Go on, try it, I know you want to!

Recipe by: jamie_parris

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This recipe is a great way of getting kids to eat more vegetables and children seem to love it. Pumpkin or squash can be substituted in the same quantities for zucchinis.

Recipe by: jeanniehow

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A delicious and moist cake packed with chocolate and zucchini. The buttermilk adds a nice tangy touch.

Recipe by: Sandi

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Very moist zucchini cake with a nice aroma of rum. The cake has little surprises of chocolate and walnuts spread throughout it.

Recipe by: Ani J. Husiow

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This is a wholesome cake with zucchini, chocolate, walnuts and a great mix of spices topped off with a tangy orange glaze.

Recipe by: AHUSIOW

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Zucchini, chocolate chips and hot chocolate powder flavour these little cupcakes along with cinnamon and nutmeg. This recipe makes 18 little cakes.


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This is a moist chocolate sheet cake that uses zucchini, there is then a cream cheese mixture added to create a swirl. Looks great, tastes great.

Recipe by: Linda

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This delicious chocolate zucchini cake is a perfect example of how delicious vegan baking can be. Pure indulgence!

Recipe by: TheFlexitarian

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