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    Homemade fruit cordials are a great treat for kids; and with a little alcohol added a treat for grownups too. Check out these user-submitted recipes for ideas.

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    This recipe makes a delicious cordial which is wonderful diluted and poured over ice. Citric acid powder can be found in health food stores.

    Recipe by: Ollie Martin

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    Elderberry cordial is a delicious and refreshing treat to make when elderberries are in season. Elderberries are a great source of vitamin C.

    Recipe by: Magda

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    Lemons in season, this is quick, easy and great flavoured cordial. Can also use limes, oranges, a combination, add ginger, cinnamon. Experiment!

    Recipe by: KAS

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    Very refreshing in hot weather and very economical if you have your own vine producing lots of passionfruit. Great to give away to friends too.

    Recipe by: farmyard

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    A tangy refreshing cordial with a unique Australian flavour that kids & adults can enjoy. This cordial keeps at least for a year.

    Recipe by: serenity55

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      Elderberry Cordial with Honey

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