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    Grab a beer not just to drink but to add to your next recipe! There are so many options from beer braised meat and beer battered fish to beer bread just to get started.

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    Using a beer can when barbecuing a bird results in a subtle and delicious flavour in the succulent meat. All you need is a can of beer, a chicken, a barbecue and some seasonings!

    Recipe by: Barrie Tapp

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    This is a favorite of our family. There's nothing quite like it for an easy Sunday night dinner in winter. Quick, easy and big time comfort food!

    Recipe by: Yummum73

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    This is an amazing sauce that will add deep flavour to beef, pork or chicken. Apply as a baste while barbecuing.

    Recipe by: GINA LYNNE

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    This is a tasty beef casserole is flavoured with your favourite beer and cooked on top of the stove.

    Recipe by: Antonia

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    Beef and mushrooms simmer in a rich beer sauce before going into a hearty, flavourful pie.

    Recipe by: Mrs. L

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    This fizzy and refreshing childhood treat is made by fermenting sugar syrup with a yeast mixture called the ‘ginger beer mother’ or ‘ginger beer plant’. You could make it for the kids but you'll also have trouble keeping the adults away from it.

    Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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    This is a great steak pie that is full of large tender cubes of beef and vegetables in a thick ale gravy. The filling is pre-cooked so the baking is about getting a perfect pie crust.

    Recipe by: alltangledup

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    Very tasty, spicy meal with a few extra ingredients. Use your favourite beer to add to the overall flavour. If you can leave this sit overnight for the flavours to develop but is also ok to serve immediately.

    Recipe by: CYPRESSBOB

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    This is an easy bread recipe option that uses only three ingredients, flour, sugar and beer. Perfect side to have with soups and stews.

    Recipe by: Jodi Regan

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    Beer is a great ingredient in bread that adds aroma and flavour. The flavour of the bread will depend on what kind of beer you use.

    Recipe by: B. L. Chrisman

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