Quesadillas are a very quick and easy snack or light lunch and especially popular with the kids.

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    This spicy dish can also be made with chicken, beef or pork mince, which also gives you vitamin B6. The capsicum, chilli and onion offer vitamin C and folate, and the cheese provides calcium.

    Recipe by: Leslie Glover

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    You can use either spinach or silverbeet in these delicious vegetarian quesadillas. Cut into four triangles and serve with guacamole.

    Recipe by: MSREGALE23

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    Filling and quick. I think that this recipe can really be made up with just about anything you like with potatoes! This can be a super fast meal if you use instant or leftover mashed potato.

    Recipe by: MrsB

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    These cheese-filled tortillas are the Mexican equivalent of toasted sandwiches. Try spreading a thin layer of your favourite salsa on the tortillas before adding the cheese, or add some cooked chicken or prawns before folding the tortillas. Serve them hot or they will become chewy. If you are making them for a crowd, fill and fold the tortillas ahead of time but only cook them to order.

    Recipe by: oOoOLivOoOo

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    These yummy cheese and chicken quesadillas topped with sour cream, salsa and avocado are always a hit!

    Recipe by: jonsey

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    Easy and tasty quesadillas made with fresh asparagus and goats cheese. Perfect for a family snack and good enough for guests. If you're not a goat cheese fan, feta or mozzarella are good substitutes. Delicious!

    Recipe by: PainterCook

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    Quick and easy plain cheese quesadillas which can be enjoyed with tomato soup or as an entree. Kids love them.

    Recipe by: Veronica Meredith

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    Quesadillas make a terrific snack, starter or quick lunch. If you're serving them to children, decrease or omit the chillies.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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    Delicious mushroom, corn and zucchini quesadillas. This is not an authentic Mexican recipe but a modified, vegetarian version of an authentic easy meal called "sincronizada" which is traditionally made with ham and Mexican Oaxaca cheese. Best served with avocado, green salsa and sour cream. I find cans of Mexican green salsa at specialty foreign food shops, by the brand La CosteƱa.

    Recipe by: showjennie

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    These are quesadillas filled with chicken cooked in barbecue sauce, caramelised onions and Cheddar. Serve with plenty of guacamole, sour cream and tomato salsa!

    Recipe by: MICHELLE

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