Quesadilla (28)

    Quesadillas are a very quick and easy snack or light lunch and especially popular with the kids.

    Top Quesadilla Recipes

    4 reviews

    These Quesadillas have an Italian twist, it is like having a double crusted pizza. Ideal for an easy midweek dinner or lunch.

    Recipe by: mumofsix

    23 reviews

    Quesadillas are an easy snack or light lunch that everyone will enjoy! Chicken is fried with capsicum and spring onion and served in tortillas with cream cheese and salsa. Yum.

    Recipe by: DAVENEVE

    5 reviews

    Vegemite, cheese and chilli grilled inside two tortillas. You can also fry them with a little oil in a frypan. Serve cut into quarters.

    Recipe by: cassandra

    312 reviews

    Easy quesadillas that are sandwiched together will a filling of veggies and refried beans and then pan fried.

    Recipe by: jjenkraynakorriss

    705 reviews

    A lovely recipe for family dinners. Chicken is seasoned, grilled and then simmered with capsicums and onion.

    Recipe by: Heather

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