Chocolate Coffee Cake

    Chocolate and coffee are a match made in heaven. Try these great chocolate and coffee cake recipes like cheesecakes, mousse cakes, coffee cakes and cupcakes.

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    I made this for my friend's birthday cos she loves coffee and chocolate. Its not too hard but it helps if you've made a butter cake before - but then again - you gotta start somewhere!

    Recipe by: keletkezes

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    You can ice these easy chocolate lover's cupcakes if you like, but I find a bit of chocolate topping works best!

    Recipe by: Michelle

    6 reviews

    This chocolate and coffee cheesecake is the perfect way to finish off a dinner although I do look forward to leftovers for my morning tea the next day.

    Recipe by: KATRON

    17 reviews

    A deliciously moist chocolate cake with a hint of coffee that is topped with a buttery white chocolate icing. Great for parties, afternoon tea or dessert.

    Recipe by: Louise Broad

    1 review

    This is one of the easiest cakes to make there is. Just shake the ingredients together in a container for three minutes and bake.

    Recipe by: Kathrin75

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    This cheesecake pulls out all the stops. It contains chocolate, mascarpone, coffee liquer such as Tia Maria and sponge fingers.

    Recipe by: K.G. Chocholic

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    A slightly bitter grown up version of chocolate cake for adults to enjoy. This will make 1 large cake and 6 small muffins

    Recipe by: Ro13

    13 reviews

    A very rich flourless chocolate cake which should be made a day ahead for best results. These quantities make a large cake.

    Recipe by: MARBALET

    20 reviews

    This is a great chocolate mousse cake that has a slight taste of coffee, it makes a rich chocolate dessert that is a favourite in our house.

    Recipe by: shirleyo

    86 reviews

    This is a great chocolate cake with chocolate icing that is made with coffee and sour cream. It is very rich.

    Recipe by: PAULA ROSE

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