Depending what leftovers you have they can become great new meals and very tasty. Fried rice, stews, bakes and casseroles are popular recipe choices.

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    This is a great use for leftover mashed potatoes - so good you'll find you are making extra potatoes on purpose! Add cheese or bacon if you like.

    Recipe by: PATTI PEARSON

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    Rissoles with ham or gammon, potato, rice, onion, egg and mixed herbs, gently fried for a delicious mid week meal. Great way to use up your leftovers.

    Recipe by: MrsMagpie

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    This is a great salad that uses cooked chicken; it can be served in a lettuce leaf, in a sandwich or just as a typical side salad.

    Recipe by: emmaxwell

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    An easy to make yummy boston bun recipe that you can use your leftover mashed potato in. It is nice on its own or you can add coconut icing on top if you are a sweet tooth (like they do in some bakeries).

    Recipe by: JASANDA100

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    A great way to use up leftover cooked chicken this fried rice has few ingredients and is quick to make. I love the pieces of egg in it.

    Recipe by: LISA TOURVILLE

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    Fried rice is a great quick lunch when you are using up leftovers. Mushrooms and spring onions add flavour and colour.

    Recipe by: APRIL42578

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    Possibly the easiest fried rice recipe you'll ever find! You can add diced chicken, peas, etc to the rice and use up some leftovers.

    Recipe by: Emma226

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    One of my many favourites, this split pea and ham soup is made from scratch. Slow simmering the ham or bacon bone for hours with veggies to make a delicious base before adding the peas.

    Recipe by: CheekyKiwi

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    This is a great recipe for leftover turkey at Christmas. Just a few minutes to mix everything together then it is in the oven for about 40 minute. Too easy.

    Recipe by: Launa

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    This is our version of a shepherd's pie that we have for dinner on a Monday night after a Sunday roast lamb. You can make it without the pie crust; we just love the butter flavour mixed with the meat and vegetables.

    Recipe by: TastyFood

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