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    This fundamental kitchen spice shows its best qualities in recipes such as pepper sauce and salt and pepper squid, or just as a freshly-grated garnish added at the last moment.

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    This is a quick red wine, mushroom and peppercorn sauce which cooks very quickly. You could use any red wine with it. It's very tasty poured over a good steak.

    Recipe by: METALLISCRUB

    418 reviews

    This is a very simple stir fry to make and the taste is absolutely great. Serve as a dish in a Chinese banquet, or by itself with white rice.

    Recipe by: LI-ANN

    9 reviews

    Ten years ago, while visiting a bakery in the small seaside village of Hastings in S.E. Victoria, I was fortunate to try a Pepper Steak Pie. This pie was a must try to create at home, after experiencing what I had found is a great example of the perfect Pepper Steak Pie. You need to let this steak mix cool for at least three hours before you bake it-overnight is ideal. Try this out :)

    Recipe by: Sthn_Cook

    18 reviews

    Venison when it is in season is so succulent and flavourful it doesn't need much in the way of a complicated preparations. Salt and pepper will do it!

    Recipe by: Mark

    31 reviews

    An easy garlic and pepper rub is the perfect complement to a juicy steak. Serve with rice or crusty bread and a salad.

    Recipe by: Lindsay Perejma

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      Stir Fried Beef with Capsicum
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      Pepper Steak

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