Asparagus Soup

    Asparagus is a strong yet delicate flavoured vegetable that makes a delightful and healthy soup.

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    Beautiful and thick this is a wholesome white asparagus soup with creme faiche. Serve with warm bread or toast.

    Recipe by: Capucine

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    It's a waste to throw away the peels and ends of asparagus when you can use them to make a great asparagus soup stock.

    Recipe by: Lydia68

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    If the asparagus at the end of the season isn't the best, it's still great for soup! Try adding a little smoked salmon for a yummy meal.

    Recipe by: mixerlisl

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    White asparagus is usually available from October to January. It's a bit more expensive than regular green asparagus but so tender and delicious!

    Recipe by: Michaela

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    This has to be the perfect vegan soup for two - smooth asparagus and potato, quick to make and delicate tasting.

    Recipe by: westcoastgirl

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    This may well be the perfect spring soup - asparagus, spinach and chives, bright green and delicious!

    Recipe by: Christian55

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    The simplest asparagus soup for real asparagus lovers. You can also puree the asparagus instead of adding it in chunks, your choice.

    Recipe by: Kochnudel

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    A beautiful soup with a delicate flavour and colour from asparagus and coconut milk. Top with crunchy homemade croutons.

    Recipe by: Lilla

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    This pretty spring soup makes the most of fresh asparagus. A garnish of crispy bacon pieces and crunchy croutons adds favour, while a swirl of crème fraîche provides a smooth touch.

    Recipe by: Pat Alburey

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