Coconut Cake (51)

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    Top Coconut Cake Recipes

    162 reviews

    I sometimes ice this cake with some coconut essence-flavoured cream cheese icing and then sprinkle coconut all over the top but it's also fine plain!

    Recipe by: dannis

    2307 reviews

    A lovely moist cake with carrot, coconut, pineapple, chopped walnuts and raisins. Topped with a cream cheese icing.

    Recipe by: Brian D'Amico

    58 reviews

    This is a unique combination of bananas, coconut and pecans that create a wonderful flavour and texture, tastes even better if made a day early.

    Recipe by: ETHELMERTZ

    82 reviews

    This cheesecake features two divine layers on top of a ginger-coconut base. I have garnished it here with a fresh mango coulis, but coconut-flavoured whipped cream would work as well.

    Recipe by: CC

    6 reviews

    Tasty sweet cake that you can treat like bread. It goes very well with pineapple jam. You can even toast and serve with raspberry jam.

    Recipe by: SloeWolf

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