Stilton is a strongly-flavoured British cheese which pairs perfectly with pears or celery. For a real flavour treat try a recipe for Stilton soup.

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These make delicious starters - they always go down very well at dinner parties with vegetarians AND meat-eaters! Very easy to make.

Recipe by: Luda

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These little bruschetta makes a great nibble. If you can't get Stilton get an alternative blue cheese.

Recipe by: amy

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I always have leftovers after doing a Sunday roast, so I decided to make something a bit different this time. At Christmas when you get a cheeseboard who eats the smelly blue cheese? No one that's who. I thought I would crumble it up and add it to my chicken parcels. These are so easy to make as everything is out of a packet and all mixed together.

Recipe by: Danyel

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A rich, creamy smooth soup. Top with crunchy croutons to make a perfect dinner party or Christmas starter.

Recipe by: jean.isacke

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This a lovely and different way to serve crab. You can substitute another blue cheese for Stilton, depending on what you can find.


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A very original and delicious finger food, perfect as an elegant nibble. Dates are stuffed with Stilton, wrapped in ham and baked.

Recipe by: AnneFrancoise

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This savoury souffle is baked with cauliflower and white Stilton cheese. It is seasoned with bay, wholegrain mustard and fresh chives. It's sure to impress.

Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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A great sauce for roast beef or chicken, this is a very rich combination of milk, cream, wine, egg, Stilton and Swiss cheese.

Recipe by: Cathie

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An old favourite with a distinctive new flavour: venison bangers and a designer mash of celeriac, potatoes and blue cheese are just the thing, with a bottle of hearty red wine, for a warming dinner.

Recipe by: Pat Alburey

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Cabbage, with a rich dressing of cream and blue cheese, goes particularly well with roast lamb.

Recipe by: Pat Alburey

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