There are many different recipes for lassi, the classic yoghurt drink of the Indian subcontinent. Try some of the ideas on the next hot day!

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    A refreshing, creamy Indian drink made with mangos and yoghurt that is also perfect to serve as a dessert!

    Recipe by: YONNA

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    Lassi is a good thick drink that can serve equally well as a drink or a dessert. Perfectly refreshing on a hot summer day.

    Recipe by: RADHIKA GHATAGE

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    A lot of recipes tell you to use fresh mangoes for a lassi but this is one of the few recipes when I reckon tinned fruit is better. Blends up better, tastes better.

    Recipe by: JBravo

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    A little ground cardamom adds a beautiful spicy touch to this healthy mango lassi. You can of course substitute full cream milk and yogurt if you prefer.

    Recipe by: ObMD4JC

    7 reviews

    If you are only used to sweet lassis like mango lassi you are in for a surprise! Savoury lassi is a perfect accompaniment to a hot meal and helps digestion.

    Recipe by: Mrs Paul

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    Lassi is a common Indian yoghurt drink; this is a version of one of the more common ones with mango and mint.

    Recipe by: Jonathan

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    This is a lovely Indian lassi featuring mango, banana and raspberries and a touch of cardamom. Very lovely and refreshing.

    Recipe by: Cathie

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    A low fat, healthier version of the mango lassi, which still retains flavour and texture of the full fat version. Mint and cloves added to the lassi gives an interesting fresh twist.

    Recipe by: demonik

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    For such a simple recipe you will be delighted with the elegant and complex flavour. A sprinkling of cinnamon over the top of this lassi makes it special.

    Recipe by: Cathie

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