Chicken and Corn Soup (23)

Chicken and corn go together so well it is only natural they make a great soup too. Try these recipes which all have their own spin on the combination.

Top Chicken and Corn Soup Recipes

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This is a great use for a leftover chicken carcass after the roast has been eaten. It keeps well and can be reheated.

Recipe by: MJ West

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A nice hearty soup with very little effort to make. Chicken, beans, corn and vegetables are simmered in a cumin-laced stock.

Recipe by: Bette Wirth

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Great comfort food in cold weather, chicken soup is fortified with black beans, corn, chilli and spices.

Recipe by: Taseia Armstrong

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This hearty soup tastes really creamy, yet it doesn't contain any cream! Made with cooked chicken and fresh corn and potatoes, with a garnish of grilled bacon, it's substantial enough for lunch, served with crusty wholemeal bread.

Recipe by: Ariana Klepac

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Fresh chicken and corn chips with vegetables. Makes for a delicious, warm soup. Try garnishing with cheese and/or a little sour cream.

Recipe by: Betty

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