Diabetic Cakes

    When looking for a cake suitable for a diabetic it needs to be healthy. These cakes use wholemeal flour, fruit and are low in sugar or use sugar substitutes.

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    This is a really good walnut ring cake and it has the added advantage of being sugar free! Apples add natural sweetness.

    Recipe by: POLACKLADY

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    Here's a recipe I found to be an awesome favourite among my partner and family and friends. It's a Raw Food recipe, can be found in "Raw Food Reawakening" by Raw Food Karen (Karen Bartz, Bachelor Health Science Nutrition, Naturopath). I've added my own little twists, but essentially it is her recipe, and I'm trying to raise a bit of awareness about Raw Food and how it can be used in modern society. *Food Processor Required*

    Recipe by: Azara11

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    No diabetics should miss out on the Halloween fun this year. The only thing you will be left to worry about is what’s in the trick or treat bag!

    Recipe by: shannen01

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    This delicious and crusty loaf is made with fine cornmeal (polenta) that you can find at your local health food shop. After cooking, a sweet lemon glaze is poured over.

    Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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