Stuffed Capsicum (33)

Stuffed capsicums are a colourful, healthy and hearty meal with countless variations on the recipe including beef, chicken and vegetarian versions.

Top Stuffed Capsicum Recipes

3 reviews

This is a great vegan and gluten-free recipe where capsicums are stuffed with millet, tomatoes and black beans.

Recipe by: SUSANK29

5 reviews

Red capsicums are stuffed with beef mince, cooked rice, tomato puree, Colby cheese and seasoned with taco seasoning, chilli powder, garlic salt and pepper.

Recipe by: Jasgirl

4 reviews

Chickpeas and couscous combine to give this low-kilojoule dish a high protein score.

Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

1 review

Choose large, firm capsicums — they make the perfect container for a herby beef, tomato and fresh breadcrumb mixture, topped with cheese. Serve with a salad.

Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

5 reviews

A Cajun twist on a classic stuffed green capsicums with smoked sausage, prawns and Cajun seasoning.

Recipe by: Heidi Slonka

Stuffed Capsicum Videos

How to Make Stuffed Capsicums
How to Make Stuffed Capsicums

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