Chicken Korma Curry

Enjoy this milder, creamy North Indian chicken curry. Make it on the stove top or in the slow cooker with either yoghurt or cream for the korma creaminess.

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This mild, delicately fragrant curry has a rich creamy sauce that sure to be a winner. Serve with plain boiled rice or warm naan bread.

Recipe by: Smars

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A great version of chicken korma this recipe can be prepared in less than an hour even though it uses fresh spices and herbs.

Recipe by: NAJWA ..

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Chicken Korma is an Indian recipe that can be easily made at home. This version is a mild North Indian style and is usually served with pilau rice and naan.

Recipe by: ezsteve

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Korma is a lovely milk North Indian curry dish. The sauce is fragrant with onion, garlic, ginger and spices. Serve with rice.

Recipe by: Kira

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This is a great korma recipe you can make when you don't have time to put together something more elaborate.

Recipe by: teencherilyn

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A delicious chicken korma curry made with satar anise, cardamom pods and cloves. It's simmered in coconut milk with green chillies and tomatoes. Serve with rice.

Recipe by: BitsOfTaste

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For those who prefer a less spicy curry recipe, chicken korma is the way to go. Serve with rice and naan bread.

Recipe by: philip110

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A sweet and sumptuous chicken korma with a variety of spices. This is the curry they serve at Indian parties and weddings.

Recipe by: nadira_begum

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I love a good korma, but the thought of all that saturated fat puts me off! So I came up with this, which uses low-fat yogurt instead of cream. All the taste, but just a fraction of the fat!

Recipe by: nams

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This is the Malaysian version of the Indian Korma Curry. Chicken is cooked in a rich spice blend with potatoes, tomatoes and nuts.

Recipe by: Suhara

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