Chicken Kebab (32)

    Chicken kebabs are always a hit and very simple to make. Look below for recipes for satay kebabs, mango chicken kebabs, kebab marinade and more!

    Top Chicken Kebab Recipes

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    Tender and delicious kebabs. Easy to make and great for a quick summer barbecue. You can use the marinade to baste these kebabs while they're on the barbecue.

    Recipe by: dailyn2003

    1972 reviews

    Chicken is combined with onion and capsicum to make colourful kebabs; these are then basted while cooking in a sweet honey and soy marinade.

    Recipe by: Ann Marie

    18 reviews

    Silken chicken kebabs are a traditional Indian dish. The chicken is extra succulent after 24 hours of marinating in lemon juice and cream with spices.

    Recipe by: NITISHA

    55 reviews

    These delicious and basic chicken kebabs are made even quicker because no marination is required - just thread your chicken and veggies on the skewers and go!

    Recipe by: DAVESARAH

    152 reviews

    Lovely chicken kebabs cooked on the barbecue with Mexican flavours like lime, cumin and fresh coriander. Serve with tortillas and salsa for wrapping.

    Recipe by: CJ

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