Schnitzel (26)

    Schnitzel is always popular! It is not as hard to make at home as you many think, with simple techniques to crumb the meat yourself.

    Top Schnitzel Recipes

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    Homemade beef schnitzels are great and you don't need to buy any special meat either just use thinly slice beef rump roast.

    Recipe by: kiddykoo

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    Tender chicken breasts are crumbed in a mixture of breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese and sesame seeds before being baked to a crispy golden brown with a juicy centre.

    Recipe by: Sarah Stephan

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    Chicken is marinated overnight in buttermilk and Tabasco, crumbed in seasoned breadcrumbs, browned in hot oil then baked until crisp outside and tender in the centre.

    Recipe by: AnnaG

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    This dish is certainly more appetizing than it may sound. Rolled oats and onion, boiled then crumbed and fried. This depression era recipe has been in my family since the 30's.

    Recipe by: The Walters

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    This is a light summer meal that is always popular with adults and kids, though it's not light in calories. I was taught this recipe by a friend who always had a house full of visitors when it came to meal time. This was always a big hit, so be warned, make more than you think you will need!

    Recipe by: JacksBack

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