Risoni, sometimes known as 'orzo,' is a small kind of pasta in the shape of a large rice grain. Recipes include risoni soup, risoni salad and chicken risoni.

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    45 reviews

    Bright colours and flavours combine to make this fast, low budget and vegetarian friendly side dish, meal or potluck dish. It serves 2 as a meal and 4 as a side dish.

    Recipe by: dizzygrltoo

    21 reviews

    A delicious Mediterranean pasta salad with sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, feta and lemon. Can be made a day ahead.

    Recipe by: Renots

    34 reviews

    An easy slow cooker meal for those busy days. Chicken, prawns, onion and risoni pasta all seasoned with Italian seasoning and a hint of cayenne pepper.

    Recipe by: ANGIEQ

    25 reviews

    These are stuffed capsicums with a Greek theme which incorporate lamb, risoni, spinach and feta. You could also use beef or turkey mince if you prefer.

    Recipe by: Tina G.

    576 reviews

    A light and easy to make salad that's pleasing to the palate. Great flavours coming from the feta and pine nuts.

    Recipe by: Christine R.

    197 reviews

    This easy pasta dish makes a tasty side or a perfect vegetarian main. The spinach, feta and pine nuts mix perfectly with the risoni.

    Recipe by: ASCALESE

    427 reviews

    A delicious, colourful salad, with artichoke hearts and feta. It's good enough for dinner on a hot night and makes a great salad anytime.

    Recipe by: Patrice

    341 reviews

    This is a wonderful Italian side dish that I first had at a restaurant and then came home and learned to recreate it. This is the recipe I finally came up with.

    Recipe by: BABARCLAY

    60 reviews

    This is a dish that goes together quickly and looks beautiful! Risoni, prawns and fresh asparagus tossed with a light olive oil, lemon and basil dressing. Perfect for a warm weather picnic or with a BBQ.

    Recipe by: FOXLAIRFARM

    110 reviews

    This is a light pasta dish I make in summer. It's perfect with some other vegetables and a glass of white wine.

    Recipe by: Sunaina

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