Risoni (33)

    Risoni, sometimes known as 'orzo,' is a small kind of pasta in the shape of a large rice grain. Recipes include risoni soup, risoni salad and chicken risoni.

    Top Risoni Pasta Recipes

    55 reviews

    This is a pasta salad based on mozzarella and fresh roma tomatoes. It's great as a side dish at a barbecue or just on its own.

    Recipe by: Meghan

    206 reviews

    Basil and sun-dried tomato add flavor and zing to this simple yet delicious pasta salad recipe. It's perfect for picnics, potlucks, bring a plates and great served warm or cold. You may want to add a clove of minced garlic as well.

    Recipe by: kgwen

    118 reviews

    This is a great way to make use of leftover roast chicken. Pancetta, spinach and toasted pine nuts add heaps of flavour.

    Recipe by: Senoritapupnstuff

    670 reviews

    This is a side dish I make instead of plain rice which combines risoni and rice simmered in chicken stock.

    Recipe by: serenamoon

    2 reviews

    I copied this salad from a salad bar I went to so the ingredients amounts are based on what I use.If you want you can use more or less of each ingredients, depends on your taste spuds. Just experiment for yourself. Risoni can be bought from the pasta area of the Supermarket. Need to use Italian (international) parsley for flavour. Best made a few hours before you need it so the flavour can penetrate the Risoni. I usually make it in the morning if we have it for tea

    Recipe by: Olivia

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