Lemon Pies

    There is a great combination of a sweet pie with the tartness of lemon. Recipes here include the classic lemon meringue pie, lemon tarts and basic lemon pies.

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    My motto – “when the universe gives you lemons, make this lemon blender pie”! This pie, on the other hand, was absolutely to die for and ridiculously easy. You blend, pour and bake. It is crust-less, fuss-less, and no less than spectacular! It is so quick, easy, and delectable, that you will be keeping this recipe on hand for last minute emergency trough requirements again and again. I modified this recipe from one of my mum’s old favourites.

    Recipe by: theblendergirl

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    I was so pleased to discover that my wonderful Lemon Meringue Pie recipe that took years to perfect is just as good, if not better, when made lactose and gluten free! For the intolerant among us enjoy this delicious dessert... It's best served cold the next day but I often can't wait and love a slice when it's still warm and fresh out of the oven... ENJOY!

    Recipe by: chorazy

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    This old favourite contrasts the sweetness of meringue with the tartness of lemons. The pie is delicious served warm or cold.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis and Joachim Wahnschaffe

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    This is a fun recipe to follow, because Grandma makes it sweet and simple. This pie is thickened with cornflour in addition to egg yolks and contains no milk.

    Recipe by: Emilie S.

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    This is a hybrid of a few Lemon Meringue Pie Recipes that I liked. I like the idea of a simple filling as I don't have all afternoon to stand over a custard stirring and muttering and wiping the back of spoons. The meringue is a little more work but still very easy. I figure the meringue is the star of the pie so a little more effort makes for impressive results. This looks, and more importantly tastes, AMAZING!

    Recipe by: kikibosly

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    An easy, traditional and delicious lemon meringue pie that will zest up your life!

    Recipe by: cphannah

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    This is a twist on lemon meringue pie with lime and orange as well in the filling. The crust is held together with egg white to make it lower in fat.

    Recipe by: Ariana Klepac

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    This unusual Italian rice dish can be served as a main course with salad or as a satisfying side dish. It is also good served cold and packs well for picnics. Can be made vegetarian by exchanging the chicken stock for vegetable stock.

    Recipe by: EGRIVNER

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    If you ever need the perfect dessert to accompany a rich dinner, this tart is a winner! The pastry has a beautiful ‘burnt’ butter taste, the filling is zesty and tart, and the meringue is sweet with a beautiful soft center.

    Recipe by: dericiousfood

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    A big splash of tequila gives this creamy lemon pie a delightful twist. Best if refrigerated for at least 1 hour before serving.

    Recipe by: It's A New Day

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