Carob is popular as a chocolate substitute but it is also a delicious flavour in its own right in cake and biscuit recipes.

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    This carrot cake uses very little sugar and is very fragrant and sweet from molasses and dried figs that I use as a substitute for sugar. Citrus fruit and spices give it very fresh taste. It is a very moist and tasty cake.

    Recipe by: Maka

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    I use carob instead of chocolate when making these chewy and delicious nutty brownies.

    Recipe by: J.J. Waters

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    Here's a recipe I found to be an awesome favourite among my partner and family and friends. It's a Raw Food recipe, can be found in "Raw Food Reawakening" by Raw Food Karen (Karen Bartz, Bachelor Health Science Nutrition, Naturopath). I've added my own little twists, but essentially it is her recipe, and I'm trying to raise a bit of awareness about Raw Food and how it can be used in modern society. *Food Processor Required*

    Recipe by: Azara11

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    The flavour of this cake can be a bit strange if you are expecting chocolate but once you get into it the carob and honey flavours are really nice.

    Recipe by: Paulette Womer

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    These are a great healthy alternative to regular brownies, made with carob, seeds and nuts instead of chocolate.

    Recipe by: Michelle

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    This is a recipe for people who likes a moist, low-fat, dairy-free and egg-free version of a chocolate cake. You can get carob powder in most supermarkets.

    Recipe by: Paradise_Bleu

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    Carob slice filled with sunflower seeds, walnuts and wholemeal flour. These are a healthier dessert option or a better sweet treat for your wee one's after school snack.

    Recipe by: Dotty1

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    That is right no baking! A twist from the usual biscuit recipe using macadamia nut butter!

    Recipe by: BINKIE2

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    A mock chocolate cake made with carob in place of cocoa. Sandwiched with whipped cream, smothered with delicious carob icing then topped with walnuts.

    Recipe by: Dotty1

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    Avocado and banana make this no cook vegan dessert so sweet and rich you won't know the difference between this and chocolate pudding.

    Recipe by: fleischlosgl├╝cklich

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