Rigatoni is tubular pasta slightly larger than penne that is great for capturing flavours making it great in recipes for salads, bakes and with a sauce.

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    This is something different for pasta, pork sausage and green peas simmered in cream. Rich and delicious.

    Recipe by: Elaina

    242 reviews

    This is a creative hybrid between pepperoni pizza and spaghetti bolognese- made in the slow cooker! Very easy.

    Recipe by: Jill

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    This is a chunky pasta salad with a tangy dressing. It is a light meal in itself or it can be a side dish at a barbecue.

    Recipe by: Ariana Klepac

    109 reviews

    The bright colours of the ingredients in this chicken alfredo make it very attractive in the bowl. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: CALLIEW

    104 reviews

    This pasta bake is so easy because it uses tins of condensed soup and mayonnaise. It's really just a grab and go of foods you probably already have.

    Recipe by: Michele O'Sullivan

    177 reviews

    Using broccoli and rigatoni pasta this is an easy, tasty and filling vegetarian pasta that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

    Recipe by: Star Pooley

    93 reviews

    Delicious and hearty; pasta, eggplant, mushrooms and goat cheese all mixed together and served hot to make a simple but delicious meal. For a vegetarian version change out the chicken stock.

    Recipe by: ATHOM73

    42 reviews

    I make this casserole for my family all the time. They love it, especially when there's extra cheese!

    Recipe by: CRAZYBOUT98VETTES

    174 reviews

    Chicken, broccoli, tomatoes, pesto, pasta, cheese. With crusty bread and a tossed salad it's a meal in itself.

    Recipe by: Joanne

    88 reviews

    This recipe simmers chicken breast in pasta sauce, cream, sherry, shallots and garlic and serves it all over hot, cooked rigatoni pasta.

    Recipe by: LOVES TO COOK

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