Beef Casseroles

    From international classics to the budget-friendly, beef casseroles are popular one-pot dinner recipes. Browse to find dinner ideas.

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    9 reviews

    This is a spicy slow cooked beef casserole that will have the meat melting in your mouth when it has finished cooking.

    Recipe by: Barb65

    3 reviews

    This recipe is so easy and fool proof. The secret ingredient is a sachet of taco seasoning, combine that with a few other ingredients and hey presto!! 4 hours later a fantastic meal with almost no effort.

    Recipe by: ELIZABETH101

    4 reviews

    This is a tasty beef casserole is flavoured with your favourite beer and cooked on top of the stove.

    Recipe by: Antonia

    21 reviews

    This is a Hungarian method of slow cooking rump roast in vinegar until it is super tender. You can use less vinegar if that is your preference but some is important! Serve with bread and sour cream.

    Recipe by: GOURMETFOX

    5 reviews

    This tender beef casserole makes its own rich onion gravy. Serve with steamed carrots, cabbage or other vegetables.

    Recipe by: Mattsterchefuk

    96 reviews

    Eggplant goes great with tomato, beef and garlic in this easy to prepare and well seasoned recipe. It is like lasagne without the lasagne.

    Recipe by: Mari

    39 reviews

    A quick easy, reasonably low fat, recipe which has a great taste. A bit like nachos lite meets chilli con carne! Can be prepared ahead to 'oven' stage then frozen. The meat and bean mixture would also make a good pie filling.

    Recipe by: TORNADOCAT

    39 reviews

    This spicy cheese and mince casserole can be used as a side dish or a main course! Any type of zucchini or mince may be used. It's like a pasta bake without the pasta.

    Recipe by: MRS.CAJUN COOK

    67 reviews

    This is a wonderful casserole type dish that is very filling and perfect for cold nights. Serve with vegetables or crusty French bread.

    Recipe by: KAVA48

    1 review

    Hearty beef casserole with a delicious meaty gravy that goes great with mashed potatoes or crusty buttered bread. Perfect winter dish to feed the whole family.

    Recipe by: amberstar

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