Duck Breast

    The duck breast is the meatiest and best eating part of the duck. There are variety of recipes to cook duck breast including braise, roast, fry and barbecue.

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    This is a quick and easy duck recipe that can be cooked either in a skillet or on the BBQ. Save the juices when slicing to drip onto the duck before serving.

    Recipe by: TastyFood

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    The rich flavour of duck meat is often best enjoyed with simple accompaniments. The cranberries and pecans in this recipe turn this 'anytime' duck into a Christmas favourite.

    Recipe by: TastyFood

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    Duck breast smoked in paperbark and served with enoki and shiitake mushrooms and Illawarra Plum Sauce.

    Recipe by: VicCherikoff

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    Pan-fried duck breast served with a red sauce made with plums, strawberries, raspberries, cinnamon and honey.

    Recipe by: Phil

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    Duck has a thick layer of fat between the skin and the meat. Scoring the skin and cooking out the fat on the BBQ creates a delicious crispy skin and a beautiful Christmas main meal.

    Recipe by: TastyFood

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    This is a lovely and easy way to cook duck breasts. The duck is seared on the outside locking in all the juice before being covered in a sweet fresh apple and Cavados sauce.

    Recipe by: Anizou

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    Succulent pan-seared duck breasts served with an easy peasy pan sauce of red wine and prunes, embellished with aromatic allspice and bay leaf. I served this with a mixture of wild and brown rice and roasted broccoli and my husband absolutely loved it!

    Recipe by: Diana

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    A fusion of delicious summery flavours, so easy to put together with shop bought smoked duck breast.

    Recipe by: LP

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    I usually serve this delicious crispy duck breast with vegetable and a noodle stir fry. I love the sweet caramelised orange juice and the saltiness from the soy sauce.

    Recipe by: crista20

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    This simple but extravagantly flavoured dish of tender duck breasts coated in spices is served in a fruity wine sauce, and is perfect for a dinner party or a special celebration.

    Recipe by: Pat Alburey

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