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    Rice is often thought of as a savoury ingredient but it is also used around the world in desserts including rice puddings and sweet dessert risotto.

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    Four ingredients (rice, sugar, milk and mixed spice) are combined and baked in the oven; simple but still delicious.

    Recipe by: yeahyeah

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    This wonderful Thai dish makes a great dessert, breakfast or snack and you can eat it hot or cold. Can be made with short-grain white rice but it's best with sticky rice. Allow time to soak the sticky rice overnight.

    Recipe by: Michelle

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    This is a lovely custardy rice pudding in the Indian tradition. You can make it all vegan by using soy milk as the other milk.

    Recipe by: PATRICK7

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    A brown rice stovetop rice pudding. Gluten-free and dairy-free. Can be served hot or cold and is a great use for leftover rice.

    Recipe by: SpicyChick

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    Rice pudding sweetened with dates and sugar. Easy to make in a saucepan on the cooker top. Don't let the heat creep up while you are cooking this or the milk will boil over. Serve hot or cold with stewed or fresh fruit.

    Recipe by: BMARYGREEN

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    I'm not a big fan of the microwave but it is useful for some things plus it keeps the heat down in the kitchen. This is good for leftover rice but if you need to cook some just for this - start with about 1/2 cup of raw rice.

    Recipe by: leon

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    This is a French rice pudding that is known as a 'Tergoule' It is slow baked over five hours to create a rich and deliciously thick caramelised top.

    Recipe by: Anizou

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    Simple, quick and cheap this coconut and rice pudding is a perfect dessert. Serve with caramel, mango or apricot jam for some additional flavours.

    Recipe by: roxio

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    Rich in flavour and wonderfully creamy in texture, this satisfying rice pudding is a modern version of a popular old favourite. It's flavoured with tangy orange zest and sultanas, and paired with a cinnamon-spiced fresh apricot compote.

    Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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    This dessert called 'Bu loy phuok' in Thailand is taro and rice flour balls boiled in water then placed in a sweet coconut milk sauce to finish.

    Recipe by: Wiley

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