Beef Jerky

    The popular savoury snack of beef jerky can be made at home. Recipes require a long a slow process of drying out the beef to create beef jerky.

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    This is a Thai version of beef jerky known as 'Neuaw Sawan'. The beef is marinated, dried then deep fried before it is ready to eat.

    Recipe by: Toi

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    This is an amazing recipe and tastes like the great quality jerky you buy from shops! My friends and family are always asking me to make it!

    Recipe by: lewis4721

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    Snack on the best-ever homemade beef brisket jerky. Marinated in a seasoning that ticks all the boxes: smoky, sweet and savoury.

    Recipe by: Culinary Envy

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    This is a satisfying winter soup with potatoes, carrots and a garnish of fried beef jerky. Very warming and hearty.

    Recipe by: Karin50

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    A much requested family favourite at Christmas time. This dried, cured meat is something special to the family as it is a tradition from where my mother was born -- South Africa. use whatever marinade you want - just prepare enough to cover your meat. You will also need string and a warm place to hang your meat.

    Recipe by: thecholl

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