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    Beef patties are the number one choice for burgers, so is it any wonder there are such a wide range of recipes available? Whether you want your patties barbecued, stuffed or grilled there is a recipe for you.

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    Who said you can't make a good burger in the house! This is a recipe I like to make on my grill press, it is as good as any outdoor BBQ.

    Recipe by: MumAndMe

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    For the tastiest, juiciest burgers use beef mince with about 20% fat. This recipe is easily adapted to your favourite toppings and can also be cooked on the barbecue.

    Recipe by: Brandon

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    I normally buy homemade patties but then I found these, so easy and with the magic ingredient of beer. Serve on a burger or with a side of salad.

    Recipe by: BOURBONNC

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    These are delicious made on the bbq or indoors on the stove. The patties are light and very tasty.

    Recipe by: Marlz

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    These are Greek-style hamburgers call bifteki which are usually served with Greek salad, though you can serve them in a hamburger roll too.

    Recipe by: Marlies Monika

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