Mashed Potatoes (53)

    A childhood favourite, mashed potatoes have come a long way from just potatoes and milk! These mashed potato recipes include ingredients like cheese, garlic and turnip.

    Top Mashed Potatoes Recipes

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    Sometimes I think the simplest recipes are often the most overlooked. How to mash potatoes? Here's a simple and delicious mashed potato recipe.

    Recipe by: erimousch

    140 reviews

    You can vary this recipe by using leeks instead of onions or cream instead of milk. Or try adding fresh herbs.

    Recipe by: HEDDO

    3 reviews

    Wonderfully fragrant salmon is drizzled with garlic lemon butter sauce and accompanied by mashed potatoes. This is a restaurant dish made easily at home.

    Recipe by: Amystar79

    40 reviews

    This is a cute little spin on simple mashed potatoes with the addition of a small amount of pesto, making it a quick and easy side for any main course.

    Recipe by: Denise's Simple Yummies

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    A topping of crumbled, crisp bacon rashers and beautiful brown sautéed onions brings out the personality in these mashed potatoes. This is a side dish that could steal the show.

    Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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