Cabbage Rolls

    Cabbage rolls are popular in Eastern Europe but there are also recipes originating from Asia and the Middle East that are equally tasty and easy to prepare.

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    Cabbage leaves stuffed with mince, onion and rice, covered in a sweet and tangy tomato sauce and cooked in a slow cooker.

    Recipe by: BJ

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    Crunchy water chestnuts are combined with minced pork, soy sauce, fresh ginger and five-spice powder to make a flavoursome, Chinese-style filling for fresh green cabbage leaves. Serve with steamed white rice and a simple salad for a quick and easy family meal.

    Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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    These are very tasty cabbage rolls with lots of Middle Eastern flavours including almonds, sultanas, cumin and cinnamon.

    Recipe by: Afiyet_olson

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    Ground meat rolled in cabbage leaves and baked in a tomato sauce are a popular Polish entree. This version is very easy to make.

    Recipe by: MommyCook

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    Stuffed cabbage rolls are a popular dish in Eastern Europe and are a great comfort food in autumn and winter. You can substitute fresh garlic for powdered if you like.

    Recipe by: Christa

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    Cabbage leaves are precooked and stuffed with a minced meat, tomato and rice filling. Great comfort food!

    Recipe by: Olechka_Kavalenko

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    Cabbage rolls that use TVP instead of meat. They have onion, red capsicum and garlic. Cabbage rolls take a bit of time to make but are worth the effort.

    Recipe by: Tammy

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    The ultimate comfort food, this cabbage rolls recipes combines both beef and pork mince but you can make it with one or the other if you prefer.

    Recipe by: Nora

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    Cabbage rolls are a simple and satisfying meal that go very well with mashed potatoes. Use beef mince, pork mince or a combination.

    Recipe by: Gundi

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    These cabbage rolls featuring quinoa, carrots, dill, beef and pork mince are baked in a sauerkraut-tomato sauce for a hearty meal. Beef and pork mince can be replaced with lamb, chicken or veal mince if you prefer.

    Recipe by: CraftycookingbyAnna

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