Tuna Bakes

Easy and nutritious tuna bakes make a good dinner with some salad or veggies. Try the popular tuna mornay and tuna casserole recipes soon.

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A cheesy tuna mornay with peas and corn for extra flavour. A great quick dinner that has everything in one dish.

Recipe by: JODIE6

5 reviews

Delicious, simple, quick and impressive!

Recipe by: Simoncase

3 reviews

This is an extremely delicious and easy dinner. This tuna, potato and spinach bake is loved by kids and adults.

Recipe by: rachelmac123

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This is a great and filling recipe that is very easy to throw together. The potato chips give the bake a crunchy crust.

Recipe by: JAICARD

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One of my favourite dishes that my mother used to make. Simple to make and always a hit amongst friends.

Recipe by: emmie88

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Unlike most tuna bakes that use pasta this one uses rice. It has a unique puffy and light quality with subtle flavours.

Recipe by: Marcy

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Here's a tuna casserole that is a cut above the ordinary - it is made especially tasty with mustard, sour cream and thyme. Very hearty!

Recipe by: Ann L

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This is a nice and inexpensive dinner made from cupboard ingredients. Serve with salad and maybe some garlic bread.

Recipe by: spacehippo

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Tuna casserole is already easy; this version is even easier - it doesn't even need baking! A perfect quick lunch.

Recipe by: PREFERED1

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This is an old family recipe that the whole family, and any one who tries it, loves. And it's great the next day or two on toast. Also you can add pasta if you like.

Recipe by: AshleighK

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