Tuna Bakes

    Easy and nutritious tuna bakes make a good dinner with some salad or veggies. Try the popular tuna mornay and tuna casserole recipes soon.

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    A cheesy tuna mornay with peas and corn for extra flavour. A great quick dinner that has everything in one dish.

    Recipe by: JODIE6

    5 reviews

    Delicious, simple, quick and impressive!

    Recipe by: Simoncase

    3 reviews

    This is an extremely delicious and easy dinner. This tuna, potato and spinach bake is loved by kids and adults.

    Recipe by: rachelmac123

    1708 reviews

    This is a great and filling recipe that is very easy to throw together. The potato chips give the bake a crunchy crust.

    Recipe by: JAICARD

    6 reviews

    One of my favourite dishes that my mother used to make. Simple to make and always a hit amongst friends.

    Recipe by: emmie88

    61 reviews

    Unlike most tuna bakes that use pasta this one uses rice. It has a unique puffy and light quality with subtle flavours.

    Recipe by: Marcy

    196 reviews

    Here's a tuna casserole that is a cut above the ordinary - it is made especially tasty with mustard, sour cream and thyme. Very hearty!

    Recipe by: Ann L

    4 reviews

    This is a nice and inexpensive dinner made from cupboard ingredients. Serve with salad and maybe some garlic bread.

    Recipe by: spacehippo

    206 reviews

    Tuna casserole is already easy; this version is even easier - it doesn't even need baking! A perfect quick lunch.

    Recipe by: PREFERED1

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    Looking for an easy mid-week dinner option? Try this extremely simple yet scrumptious creamy tuna pasta bake with loads of Parmesan cheese.

    Recipe by: fioa

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