Fish Batter

    You can make your own fish and chips (or just battered fish) as good as any you can buy. We also have beer batter and gluten-free batter recipes.

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    Global Cuisine

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    I love the flavour of corn chips and they make a great coating for baked fish. Experiment with different flavours of chips.

    Recipe by: TANAQUIL

    90 reviews

    Crispy and delicious entree prawns that are marinated in mirin (rice wine) before being dipped in a homemade batter then deep fried. This Japanese batter also works great on fresh veggies.

    Recipe by: SHERRY_G

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    Although I generally think drinking beer is the best use for it, I quite like this beer batter and think it is worth the sacrifice.

    Recipe by: homeboy

    67 reviews

    These catfish fillets are coated in polenta and deep fried until crunchy. Delicious and easy to make!

    Recipe by: Mama Smith

    44 reviews

    An easy weekend meal with friends, or a quick week night meal for the family. Vary the type of salad added, and make the recipe yours.

    Recipe by: Christine

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    Who said fish and chips was bad for health? Here, I make a wholemeal sourdough batter for the fish and deep-fry the fish and unpeeled chips (dug from the garden) in light olive oil. I serve that with mushy peas from soaked and cooked marrowfat peas and tomato ketchup from tomato puree, garlic and herb vinegar and plain yogurt.

    Recipe by: ggaylmer

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