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    Classic hot chocolate, white hot chocolate and vegan versions. Find a great hot chocolate recipe ideas here for your next supper or afternoon tea.

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    This is a hot chocolate with a difference as it is made in the slow cooker with white chocolate chips. Great for cold winter’s days and nights or your Christmas in July party.

    Recipe by: Diana S.

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    This drinking chocolate tastes so luxurious and is made from the simplest of ingredients. Use a best quality dark chocolate bar for this, preferably with at least 70% cocoa solids.

    Recipe by: HeartHandGrenade

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    Hot chocolate made from scratch in the microwave using grated dark chocolate and an egg. If your kids can use the microwave, they can make this recipe!

    Recipe by: Steph

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    You can spice up regular hot chocolate with a little cinnamon and chilli powder to make the perfect winter warmer.

    Recipe by: Sheldyn

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    Creamy dessert drink - even for vegans and those who are lactose-intolerant. Hot chocolate with coconut milk is delicious.

    Recipe by: Heather

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    With hot chocolate and mint liqueur, this winter warmer is for the grownups. Also great for Christmas in July.

    Recipe by: Auckland

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    Italian hot chocolate (or cioccolata calda) is thick, rich and decadent. While technically a drink, this creamy chocolate concoction can easily be enjoyed as dessert. We make ours with a chili kick using Lindt chili dark chocolate.

    Recipe by: maudieandjane

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    Although a vegan hot chocolate sounds easy enough it is hard to get a good flavour, this recipe delivers with a rich and chocolately flavour for all.

    Recipe by: CYMBALINE

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    With hot chocolate and coconut rum, this cocktail tastes just like a Bounty bar. Nothing like a hot chocolate to warm you up during the cold winter nights.

    Recipe by: Auckland

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    A very easy but very tasty double hot chocolate and easy to make by heating the milk in the microwave.

    Recipe by: Sophie

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