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    The Italians makes such great desserts and there are so many recipes for tiramisu, pannacotta and Italian inspired cheesecakes.

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    An easy, cheesy, sweet Italian pie. This pie has a sweet base using honey and a ricotta, rice and almond filling topped with pumpkin seeds.

    Recipe by: MARBALET

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    A delicious recipe for an egg-free tiramisu, with a white chocolate and coconut mousse. The recipe is for 2 portions, increase quantities if needed.

    Recipe by: chefmaxim64

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    This classic dessert features luscious mascarpone cheese layered with coffee-soaked sponge fingers and a touch of cognac or brandy.

    Recipe by: Magda

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    My version of the Italina classic... mascarpone custard layered with whipped cream and rum and coffee soaked sponge finger or savoiardi plain Italian biscuits.

    Recipe by: christine

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    In this elegant panna cotta (Italian for "cooked cream") a cocoa-flavoured custard is sweetened with chocolate and brown sugar. If you like, you can add a tablespoon of instant coffee powder to the cocoa for a caffè mocha flavour.

    Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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    My own version of the Italian dessert favourite. 'Pannacotta' literally means 'cooked cream'. The cream custard is made then covered in a sweet strawberry sauce.

    Recipe by: Living Well

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    This is a very easy to make version of the Italian Tiramisu that uses Amaretto as the alcohol whilst mascarpone cheese provides the rich creaminess.

    Recipe by: Gilles

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    This is a delicious fruity variation of the classic Italian dessert tiramisu which features cherries.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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    This is an elegant dessert with flavours of rum, coffee and coconut, and quite easy to make. Panna cotta is sort of the Italian version of creme brulee.

    Recipe by: Camilla Saulsbury

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    This is a traditional Italian dessert which is very easy to make. Serve with raspberries, cookies or vanilla ice cream!

    Recipe by: chiara

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