Chocolate Truffles (34)

    Make chocolate truffles as fancy or as plain as you like, with white chocolate or dark and with different flavourings. Simple balls of chocolate delight.

    Top Chocolate Truffle Recipes

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    Truffles are so easy to make and beautifully rich. Decorate with finely chopped nuts or roll in chocolate sprinkles.

    Recipe by: Jenny MacKinnell

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    Chocolate truffles are a great food gift for Christmas or other special occasions; this recipe is easy to follow and you can use shaved chocolate, desiccated coconut or cocoa powder to decorate.

    Recipe by: ezsteve

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    This lovely tart is perfect for a dinner party; it's impressive, quick and no cook. Although it only takes a few minutes to assemble, leave at least 8 hours before serving for the tart to chill. It can be made in either a 20 or 23cm pie dish or tart pan.

    Recipe by: Holly

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    These chocolate orange truffles are super easy to make and require no thermometer or tempering of the chocolate.

    Recipe by: Terry

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    A very dark, rich chocolate biscuit for the true chocoholic, this recipe uses relatively little flour and a lot of chocolate. These will keep well in the freezer, but you may have a hard time waiting for them to thaw before you eat them!

    Recipe by: Kevin Barr

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