Easter Chocolate (20)

    Chocolate is an essential part of Easter. Here are a group of recipes for chocolate treats like fudge, Easter eggs and truffles.

    Top Easter Chocolate Recipes

    2 reviews

    A version of coconut ice that creates chocolate Easter Eggs. An ideal project for the kids or as a gift for friends.

    Recipe by: Pie Pig

    No reviews

    Lovely chocolate eggs with marbling made of white chocolate. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Chocolate Easter Eggs Video.

    Recipe by: liz

    19 reviews

    White and dark chocolate chips go into creating these cupcakes. They are perfect for an over indulgence of chocolate at Easter or Valentine’s Day.

    Recipe by: bakingmum09

    101 reviews

    This is a great recipe that can make 4 different kinds of eggs if you want...all yummy. I always get heaps of compliments when I make these.

    Recipe by: JAMVS

    119 reviews

    If you want to make something special for Easter, try making these delicious peanut butter and coconut cream eggs. They melt in your mouth!

    Recipe by: Joan Zaffary

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